for grades: 3 - 12

Wildlife History of New York

Four hundred years of human settlement and development has brought many changes to the Hudson Valley which has had significant impact on wildlife.  Learn about 5 important animals as we trace their natural histories through to present day.  A close look at the Sturgeon, Beaver, Box Turtle, Wolf and Bald Eagle will be presented.  Students will have the opportunity to meet a live Box Turtle. Materials used in this program include many pelts, skulls, bones, shells, and mounted specimens. 

Basic concepts covered in this program include:

  • Habitat loss and preservation
  • The effects of pollutants such as DDT and PCB
  • Over-hunting and population management

as a field trip

Program Length: 90 minutes

  • 45 minute presentation
  • 30 minuteforest trail walk
  • 15minutes free exploration
  • Gift shop available upon request
  • Picnic area available upon request

Program Cost:  $150 for up to 25 students & 5 parent chaperones. Staff is free. Additional students are $7 each

20% discount on the program fee for program(s) scheduled between Dec. 18th-March 16th.

Location: Wildlife Education Center

(25 Boulevard, Cornwall-on-Hudson NY, 12520)


in the classroom

Program Length: 45 minutes

Program Cost: $175, plus travel fee, for first program. $125 for each additional program on the same day

20% discount on the program fee for program(s) scheduled between Dec. 18th-March 16th.

Large Audience Presentation

Program Length: 60-75 minutes, depending on age group

Program Cost: $350, plus travel expense, for up to 100 students

    Please Note:  The Hudson Highlands Nature Museum and its professional staff are fully licensed by state and federal agencies to maintain a collection of live native animal species for the purpose of education.  For the health and well-being of our animals, our permits require that we have a NO TOUCH policy.  Children will not be permitted to touch or pet any of our living collection.
    Choice of animals is at the discretion of the museum staff, based on availability.