for grades: 3 - 12

Wildlife History of New York

Four hundred years of human settlement and development has brought many changes to the Hudson Valley which has had significant impact on wildlife.  Learn about 5 important animals as we trace their natural histories through the present day.  A close look at the Sturgeon, Beaver, Box Turtle, Coyote and Bald Eagle will be presented.  Materials used in this program include many pelts, skulls, bones, shells, and mounted specimens.  Concepts presented include:

  • Habitat loss and preservation
  • The effects of pollutants such as DDT and PCB
  • Over-hunting and population management

as a field trip

Program Length: 90 minutes

  • 30-45 minute presentation, depending on group size and grade level
  • 30 minute guided trail walk
  • 15-30 minutes free exploration/gift shopping
  • Picnic area available

Program Cost: $150 for up to 24 students. Staff is free. Additional students and adult chaperones $7 each..

Location: Wildlife Education Center

in the classroom

Program Length: 45-60 minutes

Program Cost: $175 plus travel expense for first program for one class, $125 for each additional program on the same day.

    Please Note: This program is also available as an auditorium program for large audiences. Cost: $350 for up to 100 students. Program Length: 45-60 minutes