for grades: 3 | 4

Habitats of the Hudson 

Students learn about animals of the Hudson River as they explore their unique needs and niches.  The presentation begins with an overview of the Hudson River from its beginnings at Lake Tear of the Clouds on Mt. Marcy all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. We will discover many changes in physical characteristics as the river makes its journey southward and the wide variety of habitats that exist along the full length of the river.  Students will then engage in a fun interactive role-playing activity as they become creatures of the river and try to find their perfect habitat.  Basic concepts covered in this program include:

  • estuary and watershed
  • tide and salt front
  • currents, turbidity and dissolved oxygen
  • food chains
  • habitat and niche

as a field trip

Location: Wildlife Education Center

Program Length: 90 minutes

Program Cost: $150 for up to 24 students. Staff is free. Additional students and adult chaperones $7 each.

  • 30-45 minute presentation, depending on group size and grade level
  • 30 minute guided trail walk
  • 15-30 minutes free exploration/gift shopping
  • Picnic area available

in the classroom

Program Length: 45 minutes

Program Cost: $175 plus travel expense for first program for one class, $125 for each additional program on the same day.