For Grades: 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Forest Ecology Ramble

A museum educator leads a hike through the open meadow and into an oak-beech forest. Students will stop to investigate the habitats of the forest floor and identify the creatures that make a rotting log their home.  Observation of transitional areas between field and forest will illustrate the concept of succession.  In each habitat we encounter on our hike, remarkable plants and animals will be observed in their wild state.

Concepts presented in this program include:

  • Ecosystem
  • Habitat
  • Tree identification
  • Decomposers and saprophytes
  • Nutrient cycles

as a field trip (no in-school option)

Program Length:  60-90 minutes, depending age and group size

  • 60-75 minute hike, including site investigations
  • 15 minutes gift shopping, optional
  • Picnic area available

Program Cost: $150 for up to 24 students. Staff is free. Additional students and adult chaperones $7 each.

Location: Outdoor Discovery Center