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Children are born with an innate sense of wonder. In order to keep this sense of wonder alive children need to experience the joy of frequent, unstructured play in nature. Our busy, over scheduled lives, plugged in society and fear of the unknown have taken this away from today’s children in epidemic proportions. Children are no longer given the opportunity to run through a stream, build forts with sticks or jump in a pile of leaves.  The Hudson Highlands Nature Museum has taken steps to ensure that the children in our area are given the opportunity to find adventure and recapture that wonderment by climbing on fallen trees, digging in dirt piles, balancing on boulders and creating imaginative worlds with sticks, pinecones and bark. Building upon the experiences from our nature based preschool, the Young Naturalist Program, the Museum has created Grasshopper Grove, a safe, accessible nature play space where young children can run down hills, balance on logs, use their imaginations and develop their motor skills while playing in nature.

Grasshopper Grove is located at the Museum’s Outdoor Discovery Center and is open to museum members and the general public on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Admission is free to museum members and is $3.00 for children and adults who are not members of the Museum. Upon arrival, members and non-members should go to the visitor center where they will receive a wristband and can pay the admission fee. The Play Ranger will meet you in Grasshopper Grove and answer any questions you might have. Come and see for yourself how beneficial playing in nature can be for you and your child.
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