for grades: 2 - 8


This program is science exploration at its best!  Your program begins with an interactive hands-on presentation about clues that living things have left behind from millions of years ago.  Students will learn how scientists read the stories in the rocks … genuine fossils of sea life and dinosaurs will highlight the discussion.  Next we will head to our dinosaur site with trowel, brush and ruler in hand.  Teams of students become paleontologists in this authentic science experience as they excavate a full size replica of a dinosaur skeleton.  Data is collected by each team and recorded on a large grid.  Based on the completed data grid, they look for answers to how the dinosaur moved, what it ate and what it might have looked like.

* NOTE:  When presented in your classroom, instead of the excavation we introduce your students to two live descendants of those extinct giants!

Concepts presented in this program include:

  • Paleontology
  • Fossilization including, mold-and-cast, impression, permineralization and coprolites
  • Trace fossils, including foot prints
  • Measurement and scale drawing

as a field trip

Program Length:  60-90 minutes, depending age and group size

  • 20-30 minute presentation
  • 30-40 minute dino pit excavation
  • 10 minute summary and clean-up
  • 15 minutes gift shopping, optional
  • Picnic area available

Program Cost: $150 for up to 24 students. Staff is free. Additional students and adult chaperones $7 each.

Location:  Outdoor Discovery Center

in the classroom

Program Length: 45-60 minutes, depending on age and group size

Program Cost: $175 plus travel expense for first program for one class, $125 for each additional program on the same day.