for grades: K | 1 | 2

Tools, Toys, and Tales of American Indians

What was it like to be a child in a Lenape village centuries ago?  Was their life very different than ours today?  Children will travel back in time as they imagine walking across a winter landscape to a longhouse.  As we visit each hearth in the longhouse, we will explore the way Native Americans of our region used items from nature as tools and as toys 400 years ago.  Replicas and genuine artifacts will enrich the hands-on experience.  Students will try their hands at games of skill and learn the lessons these games would teach the Lenape children. Our adventure concludes with the story of “When the Turtle Flew South”, a traditional tale passed along through the generations to teach a lesson of patience.

Concepts presented in this program include…

  • Native American Culture
  • Social and family life
  • Use of toys and stories as teaching tools
  • Tool making, clothing construction, food preparation

as a field trip

Program Length: 90 minutes

  • 30-45 minute presentation, depending on group size and grade level
  • 30 minute guided trail walk
  • 15-30 minutes free exploration/gift shopping
  • Picnic area available

Program Cost: $150 for up to 24 students. Staff is free. Additional students and adult chaperones $7 each

Location: Wildlife Education Center

in the classroom

Program Length: 30-45 minutes, depending on group size and grade level

Program Cost: $175 plus travel fee for first program for one class, $125 for each additional program on the same day