Young Naturalist Preschool Program Young Naturalist Staff

Our preschool staff includes seven classroom teachers, an office administrator, preschool program director and several museum naturalists. Our lead preschool teachers are college-trained professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in working with young children. With a teacher/child ratio of 1 to 8, each student is given the individual attention they need to thrive inside and outside of the classroom and the opportunity to explore their surroundings in a safe, secure setting.

YN Program Director: Kerrilee Hunter - - 845-243-6669

YN Program Assistant Director: Kerry Kopf -

  • Owl Class Teachers - 845-534-5506, ext. 214: Jackie Gioia, Kerry Kopf (MWF), Irene Bellis (T/TH)
  • Turtle Class Teachers - 845-534-5506, ext. 205: Kerrilee Hunter, Amanda Merritt & Samantha Galui 
  • Frog Class Teachers - 845-534-5506, ext. 205: Amanda Merritt, Catherine Chimento &  Samantha Galui 
  • Deer Class Teachers - 845-534-5506, ext. 214: Kerry Kopf, Irene Bellis 
  • Dragonfly Class Teachers - 845-534-5506, ext. 205: Amanda Merritt & Taryn Villanueva
  • Bluebird Teachers - 845-534-5506, ext. 205: Amanda Merritt, Taryn Villanueva, Catherine Chimento 
  • Nature Play Clubs: Greg Kopf & Alexandria Bennett