Mission and Philosophy

Hudson Highlands Nature Museum mission:

The mission of the Museum is to create responsible caretakers of our environment. Through quality educational programs for the public that focus on the unique ecology of the Hudson Highlands, the Museum promotes knowledge and appreciation of our natural world and the dynamic role of human interaction in its well-being.

Young Naturalist mission:

To provide an early childhood experience that meets the developmental needs of each child through interaction with the environment and engaging the child’s sense of wonder with the goal of developing a lifelong appreciation and relationship with the natural world.


In the Young Naturalist Preschool, we believe that young children are naturally curious and motivated to learn.

We facilitate this learning by:

  • Providing an enriched environment that encourages exploration, experimentation and self discovery.
  • Developing learning activities that meet individual children’s physical, cognitive and emotional needs.
  • Encouraging problem solving by asking open-ended questions.
  • Offering ample opportunities for children to engage in group activities that foster cooperation.
  • Providing meaningful active play experiences in the natural world.
  • Nurturing a child’s natural sense of wonder.