Young Naturalist Facilities

The Young Naturalist Preschool is held in two engaging classrooms at the Museum’s Outdoor Discovery Center. The bright, spacious Learning Center Classroom is located in our Learning Center, the building where the Museum offices are located. All of our three year old classes are located here as well as our three-day-a-week four year old class. This spacious classroom allows for the busy, active play of three year olds while providing ample opportunity to observe and interact with nature. Two warm, energetic teachers guide and supervise a maximum of sixteen students in this classroom space.

The Farmhouse classroom, located across the parking lot from the Learning Center, houses our five-day-a-week four year old program with both a morning and afternoon class. This delightful cozy classroom provides beautiful views of the fields and ponds and provides the opportunity to bird watch right from the classroom.  Two experienced, enthusiastic teachers facilitate learning for a maximum of sixteen students in this classroom.

In addition to the bright, stimulating classrooms, students have access to the 177 acre property, consisting of fields, forest, wetlands and ponds. Children observe, listen, touch, imagine and create as they explore these beautiful natural spaces. Students are visited regularly by staff Naturalists with animal guests and take trips to the Museum’s Wildlife Education Center to interact with Museum critters and hike woodland and streamside trails. Students have the opportunity to dig, climb and roam as they explore our Nature Play Area, a mowed pathway full of exciting adventures.