Year End Campaign

mid year WEC appeal animals.jpg

At the HHNM, one of the many ways we connect children to nature is through up-close experiences with the 65 live native animals in our most beloved “collection”. These animals are important ambassadors that appear with our nature educators at school and weekend programs, meet and greet the public at our weekly Meet the Animals program, and give visitors the opportunity to see native wildlife up close, teaching empathy and conservation ethics.

As their caretakers, it is important that we remember that while the animals in our collection cannot care for themselves in the wild, they are wild animals. In exchange for the privilege of having them as a teaching tool, we have a responsibility to care for them in the best way we can. That means in addition to providing food, veterinary care, and a healthy living environment, we must provide them with ways to be wild. Animal Enrichment is the answer to happiness in a captive life. That means allowing an animal to carry out the behaviors it needs to in order to make its life well-rounded and full.

You can take a direct role in the happiness and health of the animals at the Wildlife Education Center by donating today. Please join us in our love for them and our passion for their care.


Your gift will be used toward:

· Staff time to care for the animals and a develop unique enrichment plan each.

· Redesigning exhibits to create environments that allow the animal to engage in natural behaviors like foraging for food, hiding, bathing, building nests, etc.

· Moving our Great Horned Owl into an outdoor mews that will give her both the space and changing environment she needs

· General expenses for the Wildlife Education Center, including things like food and maintenance

· Enrichment items like a giant running wheel for Blossom the Opossum, feeder toys for the rabbits and lizards, and mazes for the mice

This animal enrichment activity keeps well known resident Edgar Allan Crow active both physically and mentally. You can see him above taking donations for a new outdoor habitat for his neighbor the Great Horned Owl.  Come by to see Edgar and say Hello, and you might get one right back! 

The Museum's Wildlife Education Center Manager created a custom boot for the dove, born at the Museum, with a foot abnormality. The Vet said the situation was dire without a lot of work. Our amazing WEC manager and staff worked tirelessly with him,  and here he is taking his first unassisted steps!