Weekend Nature Programs

 Join us for a series of interactive and engaging educational  programs about science and nature. Programs may include a presentation, outdoor exploration on our grounds, a lively discussion and a short hike and/or a hands-on activity. 

  • These programs are suggested for adults and families with children over the age of five.
  • Admission: Museum Members: $5/Adults, $3/Children -  Not-yet-Members: $10/Adults, $7/Children
  • Enjoy FREE same day admission to the Wildlife Education Center after paid attendance for a Weekend Program.  Pre-registration is not required. 
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   Secrets in the Soil 
    Saturday, September 15 10am      Outdoor DISCOVERY Center

 Dig into the land down under your feet! In this fun filled family program we will learn about all of the animals, big & small, that reside under the ground. Explore the subterranean habitats through experimentation and fun activities. We can’t wait to delve deep into the underground world with you!




Fungus Among Us
Sunday, October 14 10am      Outdoor DISCOVERY Center

Learn about the fascinating world of mushrooms and fungi as they start coming out of the ground and growing on trees this fall. We will discuss and explain the basics of fungi and their importance in our local forests, as well as an entry level introduction into safe mushroom foraging



Wild Turkey Trek
Sunday, November 25 10am   Outdoor DISCOVERY Center

 Hike the McKeon Loop trail and learn all about this fascinating bird that is so prevalent this time of year. Find out about the turkey’s natural history and amazing adaptations.




Predator Appreciation
      Saturday, December 1 10am      Wildlife Education Center

What do a coyote, a ladybug and Venus fly trap have in common? They alleat “meat”! Come discover the many shapes and sizes of predators during this interactive family program. We will create a human food web, discover incredible predator adaptations and behaviors, and come face-to-face with some living predators. This program includes outdoor activities, so come dressed for success!