Send a message of lasting love or undying revenge
while supporting wildlife and Nature Education
this Valentine’s Day!

According to John F. Calvelli, executive vice president of Public Affairs at the Wildlife Conservation Society “Nothing lasts longer than a roach, so it could be sent as a symbolic gesture about how long your love will last or exactly the opposite." Show that your love will last forever, or express that the recipient is an unwanted visitor in your life.

However you’re feeling this Valentine’s Day, you can name one of the Wildlife Education Center's Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches in someone’s honor/dishonor for a one-time $5 donation per roach! For a one-time $10 we will send you a video of Blossom the Opossum or Edgar Allan Crow eating your roach!

A certificate and/or video will emailed to you on Thursday, February 14. Please provide the name of the honoree/dishonoree and how you would like to be acknowledged (or as “anonymous”) on the certificate in the comments section of your donation. Don’t miss this special opportunity, registration closes on Thursday, February 14 at 9am!

Thank you to everyone who participated this year and
Happy Valentine’s Day!