Special Events


Meteor Gazing

  • Saturday, December 15

  • 6pm – 7:30pm

  • Outdoor Discovery Center

  • Admission: This event is SOLD OUT

Join us for the Geminid meteor shower! The Geminids occur every December and is one of the brightest
meteor showers of the year. We’ll learn about the night sky, the difference between meteors, asteroids,
and comets, plus what makes the Geminids so very special. Bring your flashlight and the educators will
help you get it star-gazing ready before heading out into the night. Hot chocolate will be provided. Bring
blankets, lawn chairs, and flashlights.

This event is sold out

star lab 2.jpg

Starlab: indoor Planetarium

  • Saturday, January 26

  • Three Sessions: 10am, 11:30am & 1pm

  • Outdoor Discovery Center

  • Admission: Museum Members: $8 Adults & Children. Not-yet-Members: $12 Adults & Children. Prepaid registration required. Walk-ins will not be admitted.

Take a celestial adventure through the magical night sky via the StarLab! Learn how to identify the important stars and the major constellations while listening to their Native American and Greek origin stories. This inflatable planetarium experience is recommended for adults and children ages four years and up.

Online registration coming soon. Call 845-534-5506 ext 204 to register by phone.

Members Only Event

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Members Only: Owl prowl!

  • Saturday, February 9

  • 7-pm 9pm

  • Wildlife Education Center

  • Admission: $15 Adults & Children 7-17. Prepaid registration required. Walk-ins will not be admitted.

Owls have amazed and mystified humans for thousands of years. Each Owl Prowl will begin with an appearance of one of our owl ambassadors, so you can see the birds up close and discover their fascinating adaptations. Learn which species of owls may be found in the area before setting out on a guided after-dark walk, during which an educator will use a calling device to try and coax owls into the area for you to hear! For adults and children ages seven years and up.

Online registration coming soon. Call 845-534-5506 ext 204 to register by phone.

Members Only Event

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maple sugar tour 2.jpg

Members only: Maple Tree Tapping

  • Sunday, February 17

  • 10am-12pm

  • Outdoor Discovery Center

  • Admission: Prepaid registration required: $- Adults, $- Children ages 3 - 17. One tree per family. Trees are limited!

Rich, sweet maple sap will be drip, drip, dripping into pails at the Nature Museum and educators will be hosting a month of events aimed at showing school groups and families how the savory liquid makes the transition from tree to syrup! For the first time ever, join the educators as they prepare for the season with a special program which culminates with you tapping your very own maple tree! Participants will learn the origins and natural history of maple syrup, followed by a guided walk through the sugar bush to pick out and tap a tree using a metal or plastic spile. Next we’ll hang a bucket on the end of the tube to catch sap, which later will be collected and boiled down to its sugary essence.

Registration coming soon!

maple sugar tour 1.jpg

Maple Sugar Tours

  • Saturdays & Sundays, February 23 – March 17



  • Wednesday, March 20

  • 7pm-8:30pm

  • Outdoor Discovery Center

  • Admission: Museum Members: $6 Adults, $4 Children. Not-yet-Members: $8 Adults, $6 Children. Prepaid registration required.

Join us to celebrate the first day of spring and the last full moon of the winter season! Two seasons intersect on this special day when frogs will be singing while winter is still holding onto the air and earth. The March full moon is often called the Sap Moon by Native Americans; this time of year heralds the sugaring season when sap begins to flow in maple trees and the ground softens enough for earthworms to reappear, inviting the return of robins. Dress appropriately for weather conditions. Prepaid registration required. Admission: $8 Adults, $6 Children Members:

Online registration coming soon. Call 845-534-5506 ext 204 to register by phone.



  • Saturday, April 6 & Sunday, April 7

  • 12pm - 4:00pm (Ribbon Cutting April 6 at 12:15pm), “Meet the Animals” at 1pm & 2:30pm

  • Wildlife Education Center

  • Admission: Museum Members: FREE. Not-yet-Members: $5 Adults & Children 3 & up

It’s time for a change in our Ogden Gallery! As the Birds on the Wing exhibit moves out, a new Habitats of the Hudson Valley exhibit moves in. What’s so special about a beaver pond? What makes areas along the Hudson River unique? What’s the one place in the Hudson Valley that’s protected for migrating, meadow-loving birds? How can we keep these areas wild, but still use them for recreation and learning? Find out more about the vast array of habitat types that are right in your backyard as you explore new interactive elements, toys, books, and games. This indoor space is a great area to spend the afternoon with children. Opening weekend activities include crafts, refreshments, and “Meet the Animals” programs about native animals at 1pm & 2:30pm.