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StarLab: Indoor Planetarium

This event is SOLD OUT

  Take a celestial adventure in the magical night sky via the StarLab! Learn how to identify the major constellations and stars while hearing Native American and Greek stories of how they were created. This inflatable planetarium is recommended for adults and children four years and up.


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Close Encounters With Birds of Prey 

  • Saturday, January 20
  • 6pm-8pm
  • Wildlife Education Center
  • Admission:  Museum Members: $10 Adults & Children. Not-Yet-Members: $15 Adults & Children. (Walk-ins welcome if space allows) 

  Using five to seven live birds, the Delaware Valley Raptor Center will introduce you to the fascinating world of raptors. Be enthralled as you experience the majesty of hawks, falcons, owls, and eagles up close, while gaining an understanding of how important these birds are to the balance of nature. Leave the program with a greater respect and appreciation for these magnificent birds! Prepaid registration recommended. 

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Snow Day!

  • Sunday, February 11
  • 11am – 3pm (drop-in any time)
  • Outdoor Discovery Center
  • Admission: Museum Members: $6 Adults, $4 Children. Not-yet-Members: $8 Adults, $6 Children

Cooped up and need something to do? Join us for some frosty fun! Explore the woods, play goofy games in the snow, track some critters, go sledding, and make snow crafts. Dress for snow and fun! Event will be held snow or shine! 


Owl Prowl

  • Saturday, February 17 (WEC) - 7- 9pm      Sunday, February 18 (ODC) – 7- 9pm
  • Wildlife Education Center (2/17) and    Outdoor Discovery Center (2/18)
  • Admission: Museum Members: $8 Adults & Children 7 - 17. Not-yet-Members: $12 Adults & Children 7 - 17. Prepaid registration required. Walk-ins will not be admitted

  Owls have amazed and mystified humans for thousands of years. Each Owl Prowl will begin with an appearance of one of our owl ambassadors, so you can see an owl up close and discover their fascinating adaptations. Learn which species of owls may be found in the area before setting out on a guided afterdark walk, during which an educator will use a calling device to try and coax owls into the area for you to hear! 

maple suagr 2.jpg

 Maple Sugar Tours 

Saturdays and Sundays February 24 & 25; March 3, 4, 10, 11, 17 & 18

Click below for more information and to register for Maple Sugar Tours!

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Roots to Shoots 

  • Wednesday, March 7
  • 6pm – 7:30pm
  • Wildlife Education Center
  • Admission:  Museum Members: $6 Adults, $4 Children. Not-yet-Members: $8 Adults, $6 Children. Prepaid registration suggested Walk-ins welcome if space allows.

 March is the perfect time to plan a garden and a great way to get the kids excited to be outside in the spring. Learn how to make your own compostable flower pots, learn which plants can grow together nicely, and find out how to start a garden even if you don’t have any garden beds!   

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Fireside Fun! 

  • Saturday, March 24
  • 7pm – 8:30pm
  • Outdoor Discovery Center
  • Admission:  Museum Members: $5 Adults, $3 Children. Not-yet-Members: $7 Adults, $5 Children. Prepaid registration required. Walk-ins welcome if space allows. 

Are you ready for winter to end? Turn off the T.V., bring the family and melt the frost off your nose around our campfire. We will learn about signs of spring, sing silly songs, watch funny skits and eat some campfire treats! 

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Funny Bunnies! 

  • Saturday, March 31
  • Two Sessions: 10am & 11:30am
  • Outdoor Discovery Center
  • Admission:  Museum Members: $5 Adults, $3 Children. Not-yet-Members: $7 Adults, $5 Children. Prepaid registration required- see below. Walk-ins welcome if space allows.

 Why do rabbits have so many babies? How do they protect themselves from predators? Learn about the native Eastern Cottontail and then take a walk to search for signs of wild rabbits. Meet a live rabbit and make a bunny craft to take home.