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Outdoor Discovery Center Phone Number: 845-534-5506

Thomas Bregman, Executive Director, ext 203

Jennifer Brinker, Director of Education & Community Programs, ext 206

Robert Lipkin, Director of Operations, ext. 201

Jessica Oliveri, Director of Development, ext. 215

Emily Nestlerode, Directorr of the Wildlife Education Center 845-534-7781 

Jill O'Brien, Membership and Registration Coordinator, ext. 204

Joanna Reisner, Marketing Manager, ext. 212

Kristen O'hara, Education & Grasshopper Grove Manager, Volunteer Coordinator, ext. 202

Carl Heitmuller, Environmental Educator/Outreach Coordinator, ext. 209

Heather Ryan, Scheduling for School Programs, Scouts & Birthday Parties, ext. 211

Sasha Boucher,  Animal Caretaker 845-534-7781

Caryn Rakov, Educator & ANTs Coordinator

Museum Educators:  Melissa Spears, Alyssa Lamica

Museum Assistants:  Michelle Mindicino, Stephen Sussman

Maintenance: Mike Heubach, Al Perotti

Young Naturalist Preschool Staff:

Learning Center Classroom: 845-534-5506 ext 205 

Farm House Classroom: 845-534-5506 ext 214

Kerrilee Hunter: YN Program Director, Turtle Class: 845-243-6669

Kerry Kopf: YN Assistant Director, Owl Class (MWF), Deer Class

Jackie Gioia: Owl Class

Amanda Merritt: Bluebird, Dragonfly, Frog & Turtle Classes

Taryn Villanueva: Bluebird & Dragonfly Classes 

Irene Bellis : Deer & Owl Classes

Samantha Galui :  Turtle & Frog Classes

Catherine Chimento: Frog & Blue Bird Classes

Nature Play Lunch Club: Greg Kopf & Alexandria Bennett