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Outdoor Discovery Center Phone Number: 845-534-5506

Thomas Bregman, Executive Director, ext 203

Jennifer Brinker, Director of Education & Community Programs, ext 206

Robert Lipkin, Director of Operations, ext. 201

Jessica Oliveri, Director of Development, ext. 215

Emily Nestlerode, Director of the Wildlife Education Center 845-534-7781 

Ashley Crawford, Membership, Registration, and Customer Service Manager, ext. 204

Joanna Reisner, Marketing Manager, ext. 212

Carl Heitmuller, Environmental Educator, Outreach Coordinator, ext. 209

Heather Ryan, Scheduling for School Programs, Scouts & Birthday Parties, ext. 211

Taylor Ouellette, Environmental Educator, Grasshopper Grove Manager,  ext. 202

Sasha Boucher,  Animal Caretaker 845-534-7781

Caryn Rakov, Educator & ANTs Coordinator

Museum Educators:  Alyssa Lamica

Museum Assistants:  Michelle Mindicino, Stephen Sussman

Maintenance: Mike Heubach, Al Perotti

Young Naturalist Preschool Staff:

Kerrilee Hunter: YN Program Director, Turtle Class: 845-243-6669

Kerry Kopf: YN Assistant Director, Owl Class (MWF), Deer Class

Jackie Gioia: Owl Class

Amanda Merritt: Bluebird, Dragonfly, Frog & Turtle Classes

Taryn Villanueva: Bluebird & Dragonfly Classes 

Irene Bellis : Deer & Owl Classes

Samantha Galui :  Turtle & Frog Classes

Catherine Chimento: Frog & Blue Bird Classes

Nature Play Lunch Club: Greg Kopf & Alexandria Bennett