Homeschool Program Series: Winter/Spring 2018

Join Environmental Educators at the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum to add a memorable, hands-on component to your homeschool curriculum! We promote respect for nature through hikes, live animal presentations and scientific exploration. All Programs include an outdoor portion and will be held rain or shine, so please dress appropriately for the weather. Pre-paid registration is required for all programs.

Programs are offered biweekly on Wednesdays from 1pm to 2:30pm from Feb. 7th-Apr. 4th 2018, see program details below. The buildings will open at 12pm for early check-in. This will allow extra time for free exploration, picnicking and/or visiting the gift shop before the program begins at 1pm. All programs begin promptly at 1pm, so please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes in advance to check-in.

Register your child for all 5 sessions or choose your favorite subjects! Register online at or call us at (845)534-5506 x 202. Payment is non-refundable unless the class is cancelled by HHNM staff. For supply and planning purposes, pre-registration and advance payment is required by the registration deadline.

All homeschool programs require a guardian to attend (free of charge) and are recommended for children ages 7-12 years old. Please make other arrangements for siblings. There must be a minimum of 10 children enrolled for programs to run.

Program Pricing

$15 per child, per program 

Save 20% when you register for the full 5 program series: $60 (instead of $75!)

Adults are free- We prefer a ratio of 1 child to 1 adult if possible. 

Program Descriptions

**Please Note: We have facilities at two separate locations. Programs will be offered at varying locations, depending on the topic and are listed below.**


February 7th- - Wild Things

Wildlife Education Center (25 Boulevard, Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 12520)

This program explores the basic characteristics of four major divisions of the Animal Kingdom: Reptiles, Amphibians, Mammals & Birds. Using live animals to represent each group, students will discover the unique characteristics that scientists use to classify animals in each of these Classes. This presentation includes a number of manipulatives, such as feathers, pelts and eggs, providing students with a tactile dimension to their learning.  Students will also explore the characteristics that all animals share such as locomotion, predator-prey relationships, basic life processes and reproduction. 

Registration deadline: Feb. 5th 2017

February 21st- The Land Before (Our) Time

Outdoor Discovery Center (120 Muser Dr. Cornwall, NY 12518)

People have lived in the Hudson Valley for a very long time; transforming the land around us in surprising — and often unnoticed ways.  Join us as we hike the museum trails, decoding the hidden messages from our past that exist all around us. Students will learn tree and plant identification, the differences between native and invasive species, forest succession and assessing forest health through fun, hands-on activities. Afterward, students will have the chance to see interesting artifacts that may have even been used to affect some of the things they just discovered.

Registration Deadline: Feb. 19th 2017

March 14th*- From Sap to Syrup

Outdoor Discovery Center (120 Muser Dr. Cornwall, NY 12518)

Learn how to identify a maple sugar tree, and discover why maple sugar trees are the most widely used species.  An environmental educator will describe how a tree is “Tapped” to collect the sap, and why the sap flows only in the late winter and early spring. Discover how the Native American and Colonists made maple syrup, and observe our modern techniques for collecting and boiling sap into delicious maple syrup.  Students will have a chance to taste sap directly from the tree and to take our taste test challenge. This program content and approach can be modified to be age/grade appropriate.

Registration Deadline: March 5th 2017

*This program has been rescheduled from March 7th due to snow

March 21st- Are you Game?

Wildlife Education Center (25 Boulevard, Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 12520)

The original inhabitants of this area, the Lenape, were skillful at meeting basic needs, using the resources of nature.  Through the use of unique artifacts and replicas, students will be transported hundreds of years back in time to explore how the Native Americans in this region obtained food, clothing and shelter. 

Registration Deadline: March 19th 2017


April 4th- Wildlife History of NY

 Outdoor Discovery Center (120 Muser Dr. Cornwall, NY 12518)  

   Four hundred years of human settlement and development has brought many changes to the Hudson Valley which has had significant impact on wildlife.  Learn about 5 important animals as we trace their natural histories through to present day.  A close look at the Sturgeon, Beaver, Box Turtle, Wolf and Bald Eagle will be presented.  Students will have the opportunity to meet a live Box Turtle. Materials used in this program include pelts, skulls, bones, shells, and mounted specimens.

Registration Deadline: April 2nd 2017