Birds on the Wing

The 2017 exhibit held in the Ogden Gallery creates a stimulating environment to make new discoveries about birds. With hands-on activities for kids of all ages, this exhibit seeks to engage visitors in learning through play. Listen to bird calls, observe and draw wild birds, measure your wingspan, weave a nest, or have a rest in the Roost with a good birdie book.

Located at the Wildlife Education Center on the Boulevard.


All birds, all the time

Whether we take notice of them or not, birds are all around us, everywhere we go. Between woodpeckers knocking on our rain gutters, honking geese migrating overhead, pigeons eyeing our breadcrumbs, or robins welcoming springtime, the sights and sounds of birds welcome us. Learn how birds have adapted for their environments; see eggs that have been preserved since the 1850's; and see how your wingspan measures up to some of the Hudson Valley's biggest birds.


engaging the senses

Interactive elements encourage the use of multiple senses. Visual information is supplemented by things to touch and listen to, such as the woodpecker xylophone pictured above.

learning through play

Birds on the Wing features The Roost, a children's corner full of educational toys, books, and puzzles to engage young visitors in play while they learn. Snag a bean bag and read a book, or play a rousing game of Bird Bingo.

This museum would like to thank the Sponsors of this exhibit